Sunday, January 27, 2008


I have been battling a cold since Wednesday, it started out as a sore throat and worked its way into a full-blown cold.  I haven't been sick for more than a year, so it's been rough.  Last night Chris let me black out, aka take nyquil and sleep while he took care of the baby.  So kind of him.... the baby wasn't so merciful.  He woke up at least 20 times during the night.  Yup, that's TWENTY, not two.  Then he cried all day, with the last crying fit having us so bewildered that we tried every remedy known to man and ended up finally laying him down in his crib to "cry it out," as people always tell us to do and claim we are spoiling him by not doing such.  He cried for more than an hour and did not calm down.  The crying become hysterical and finally I picked him up and rocked him.  He farted a million times and took a huge crap and now he has the post cry sniffles & hiccups while he rests in dad's arm while I finish cooking our dinners for the week.  Fun times!  I am also drowning in my own river of phlegm.  I worked out TWO times this week, I needed to work out every day because I am doing a 5k next week, so it looks like I am going to be screwed & will probably end up walking a majority of it. 

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