Saturday, January 26, 2008

New Developments

Last week Alex started stroking his own hair.  He likes to rub his Uncle Brian's stubble and his dad's stubble, too.  Today he pulled Taz & Sweet Pea's fur.  He was lucky that neither of them tried to bite him.  He is cute when you hold him & he looks up at you with his huge eyes.  He looks like a cherub when he is sleeping because he is so chubby.  He tries to sit up in his bathtub now but doesn't quite have the strength.  He doesn't sleep through the night any more.  His hair is changing, it is lighter like mine and is starting to grow back in.  He has some patches of hair that are much longer than the rest.  He has my cowlick on the right front side of his head.  He likes to grab plants and try to put them in his mouth.

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