Monday, December 31, 2007

My Momma Always Taught Me: Lesson One

My mom always taught me from the time I was small that you should always be thankful for any gift that is given to you.  Usually, gifts given aren't gifts earned.  People are giving you something out of the kindness of their hearts & due to generosity and thoughtfulness on their part.  People are NEVER required to give you anything and you are lucky, if you do receive one, especially if it is not a gift you did anything to earn aside from exist.  People who do not show gratitude, appreciation, or thankfulness when receiving a gift make me sick.  Those who make me the sickest; however, are those who express disdain or disgust when given a gift they don't particularly like.  The worst offenders are the ones who express these negative feelings in the presence of the gift giver.  Expressing generosity and giving of yourself and then being rejected or unappreciated can really hurt and is just plain unnecessary.  Even if you receive a duplicate gift, do not tell the gift giver as you are opening a gift.  Just say thank you and be appreciative.  You can always ask them for the receipt later so you can make an exchange or return; but it is preferable to not do this in front of everyone watching you open your gifts, though.  I have heard of some particularly disgusting examples of rude gift receivers lately & it absolutely makes me seethe.  It hurt my feelings and made me want to wring the person's neck, and I wasn't even the gift-giver.  Also, when people open gifts and then look for more or look at you as if saying, "that's it?" make me sick.  Be glad you got anything at all.  You are not entitled to gifts and the world does not owe you a thing.

Sunday, December 30, 2007


I am so lucky that my husband is extremely active in the raising of our son.  I know that a lot of men think they don't have to pull as much of the weight in raising their children as their wife does, but my husband does not agree with that line of thinking and insists that he pull his weight and help me out as much as possible and for this I am extremely and eternally grateful.  I don't know how I would survive without him.  I don't know how single parents do what they do.  I may have many other issues in life but one fact remains; Chris is a great father & Alexander is lucky to have him for a dad.  I have no complaints in the fatherhood department.  Chris lets me go out and have some down time for myself regularly so I don't go insane.  He is great with the baby & the baby adores him.  He is just as good, if not better with him than I am.  It amazes me every day. Thanks, Chris, I don't know what Alexander & I would do without you.  I am confident that Alexander will have a strong father figure in his life; and that's how good men are made  ;)

Sunday, December 9, 2007

Merry Shitmas

Decorating for Christmas is a pain in the ass.  I cut my hands open on broken glass stuff when I was unpacking all the crap from last year, and then to top it off I broke my two favorite ornaments; one was personalized... why... why?!  I guess there's no point in losing sleep over it, but I know that I will definitely not be able to replace one of the two that I broke.  Dammit.