Friday, July 4, 2008


Alex went swimming for the first time two weekends ago.  The pool was 92 degrees, so naturally, he enjoyed himself.  It was at Aunt Nina & Uncle Andy's pool.  He got tired of the water after about 15 minutes, so we had to take him out & bathe him.  A few days ago he was screaming & screaming when we put him down to sleep and we couldn't figure out why.  I went in for a third time to see what was wrong & took his pacifier out of his mouth.  It had blood on it.  After more than 2 months, his next two teeth (the top two, the bottom two are already in) are on their way in for real.  Yesterday, he met Ayugi & Jennie.  He ate jello for the first time.  I also gave him some pudding.  He hasn't been taking his second nap much.  He still doesn't wave at will, which worries us, since the doctor said he should be doing that by now.  He did wave with both hands a few times on the day we had Brian's birthday dinner (the 29th).  Tomorrow will be his first 4th of July.  I think he'll like the sparklers we're going to show him with Renee.  More about that later.  I need to buy birthday invitations and start filling them out to invite people to our gross, dirty house.  

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